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Who is Dedikated for?

Dedikated is designed to accommodate everyone. The idea of ballet being elitist and just for girls is not one that Dedikated supports. Kate has had experience in teaching and encouraging children with mental and physical difficulties, although these pupils may have difficulties they can still enjoy and progress through the grades. This type of movement is often actively encouraged by physiotherapists.

Boys too can gain a great deal from ballet. There have been many studies into how dance can improve other areas of sport. The physical demands placed on a male dancer are different than those of a girl. These types of exercises improve the coordination, timing and develop stronger muscles and can improve heights of jumps, stamina and also reduce injuries through greater flexibility and range of movement.

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What do the classes consist of?

The syllabus has been designed and graduated to slowly develop the dancers technique. There are three specific areas; classical, free movement and character/rhythm steps. These are designed to specifically improve and develop classical technique, musicality and rhythm, performance, expression and dancing in character.

Along with this the classes develop social awareness, sharing, group interaction, flexibility, stamina, strength, coordination, self confidence, imagination, and much more.

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Which class is suitable for my child?

The grades have been designed for specific levels, and generally children develop at a similar rate, so it is only rarely necessary to split friends of the same age into different classes. However, if it is advisable to keep a child in a class longer than others in a group - for their physical needs, it will be done. This reduces the chance of injuries and in the long term children usually catch up, and sometimes overtake!

Initially the children will be placed into the class suitable for their age. If the teacher believes that this is unsuitable for them, they will speak to the parent and advise them accordingly.

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Step One / Step Two Classes

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, I am delighted to introduce the Dedikated 'Steps' preschool dance classes.

There are two new classes;

  • Step One – Nursery
  • Step Two – Reception
  • This change has enabled Kate to fuse the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) guidance to create a fun and interesting class which prepares children for the RAD syllabus and introduces key EYFS developmental skills

    These new classes develop the children’s dance and movement skills and encourage creativity, expression and musicality. They will build on the skills developed as part of the the EYFS statutory framework and have been specifically designed to meet the RAD guidelines for the age group

    These classes encourage the children to use their imagination to introduce ballet in a less rigid format. The children are taken on a different adveture every week, such as imaginary trips to the seaside, to royal palace balls, or searching for pirate treasure!

    We look forward to seeing your child there!

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    Students will be given the opportunity to be entered for RAD examinations appropriate to their skill level.

    The examinations are completely optional, and students will be entered at the discretion of the teacher. The Royal Academy of Dancing regulates the examinations and they will set the examination date and times depending on the availability of their appointed examiner.

    The students will be given groups (from Primary upwards, no more than four in each exam) and colours (for identification purposes in the examination) before the exam day. Their teacher does not enter the examination room.

    Students that do not wish to take part in the examinations can, when they are ready, either go straight to the next level or take part in an assessment. The assessments take place like the examinations, though are set out more like a class. The teacher leads the class as normal and the examiner does not take an active part.

    Examinations are generally beneficial as they give the children something to work towards, while being an excellent way to gain external feedback. Performing to an unknown audience is also great for building confidence and is a good way to gauge how well they are progressing though the grades. The children get a great sense of achievement, as it is something they must do for themselves. Also, they dance in smaller groups in the exams so feel very important because their hair is done for them, they are in their best uniform and at the end of it all receive a certificate, report and medal that they can keep forever.

    Since beginning to enter students for the RAD examinations in 1996 Kate has never had one of her students fail. Examination results for previous years at Dedikated can be found here.

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    Shows and Productions

    Every 2-3 years the Students will be given the opportunity to perform in a Show with other Students from various classes within the school.

    The shows are created to show the diversity of Dance, and for the children to dance to large audiences gaining confidence and a sense of performance. The entire experience from working in class on something different to exam work, to dancing to a deadline, working with the whole school and wearing full costumes with hair and make up is both rewarding and fulfilling.

    The children gain so much from working with other levels and seeing the show develop and grow and knowing they were an important part in that. And they get their name in the programme! The shows are also a great opportunity for parents and grandparents etc. to see what the students have been learning.

    Students will sometimes also have the opportunity to perform at various summer fêtes and fairs

    More information on the shows can be found here

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    The school has a uniform which Students will be expected to wear, and although it is not compulsory for their first term, it usually helps the children to join in and feel part of the group. A student may wear tracksuit bottoms, bare feet and a t-shirt until they have a uniform.

    The uniform is RAD regulation, and can therefore be worn in any assessments or examinations your child may take.

    The uniform can be ordered through your teacher. The required uniform for each grade is shown below;

    Lilac Georgette skirt, lilac leotard, pink ballet shoes, white socksStep One, Step Two, Pre-Primary, PrimaryBlack shorts, white t-shirt, white socks, black ballet shoes
    Lavender leotard with waistband, pink ballet shoes, white socks, Character skirt, Character shoesGrade 1, Grade 2Black shorts, white t-shirt, white socks, black ballet shoes, black jazz shoes
    Lavender leotard with waistband, pink ballet shoes, pink tights, Character skirt, Cuban heel character shoesGrade 3 - Grade 5Dark blue leggings white t-shirt, white socks, black ballet shoes, black jazz shoes
    Matching leotard, chiffon skirt and chiffon scarf, pink ballet shoes, pink tights, Character skirt, Cuban heel character shoesGrade 6+

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    Grade 6 children
    Children dancing at Queen Edith Summer Fair
    Step One - Nursery class
    Grade 2 children
    Black and White dance

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