Tuesday 11th August 2020

Adult Ballet

Whether you are new to ballet or a little more experienced, Dedikated has a class for you!

Beginners Adult Ballet

A Brand new Adult Beginners class is starting this Autumn at Queen Ediths Primary school on a Thursday evening. No experience necessary.

Bare feet and tracksuit bottoms. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to dance, have fun and get fit! Please email Kate or fill in the Adult Ballet Form.

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Adult Ballet

The adult class started in January 2005, and is designed for fun and fitness, whether you have never danced, danced when you were younger, or want to keep up with your dancing.

Classes are based around the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and can be easily adapted to suit all abilities. All that is required is a have-a-go attitude! People of all ages, sizes and abilities can enjoy and benefit from ballet.

Ballet is a great way of improving strength, stamina, coordination and cardiovascular fitness, and is lots of fun, so why not give it a try?

Classes are available at Queen Ediths Primary School, Cherry Hinton. Dedikated is able to offer a variety of different adult ballet classes to cater for range of abilities, from total beginner to professional grade classes. Exams can be taken by those students who wish to, but are not compulsory if you just want to dance for fun!

For class times, see here. Payment for the class can be made on a termly or pay-as-you-come basis.

Leotard and tights are NOT essential - wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Tracksuit bottoms and bare feet will be suitable to begin with - further equipment can be purchased from the class.

To join, or for more information, please fill in this form or contact us

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Pointe Class

Pointe-work is introduced at Intermediate Foundation level. The beginners Pointe class is only recommended for ladies who attend this class or Grade 6 or higher, as technique and strength are required. More advanced Pointe classes are also available for ladies with experience in Intermediate or higher level ballet. Please speak to Kate if you would like to do Pointe classes to find the most appropriate class for you.

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Intermediate and Advanced Adult Ballet

Developing from the success of the adult ballet class, Dedikated has adult classes in Grade 6, Grade 7, Intermediate and Advanced foundation.

Intermediate and Advanced Foundation are professional examinations, which develop excellent technique, whether you wish to progress into dance as a career, or improve your general knowledge of ballet.

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Intermediate class at the Barre
Ready for Intermediate Foundation exam
Intermediate class doing plies
Adult Intermediate class
Adult pointe class on stage

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