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Every year Dedikated enters students into the RAD grade examinations. The exams are created to evaluate their progress in the grade, before continuing into a higher grade ready for a new challenge. Kate has been entering students into the graded examinations since 2004.

Although the examinations are optional, and students may progress into the next level without having taken one, the exams do give something to aim towards and gives an enormous feeling of achievement. Participating in the examinations is also extremely effective in building the student's confidence.

To give children extra confidence, during the term leading up to the exams the children must take two lessons of their grade per week. This increases their competence level, and has given excellent results in the past.

Examination Results

Spring 2023
Intermediate1 Pass

Winter 2022
Grade Two1 High Merit, 2 Merit
Grade Four1 Merit, 2 Pass, 2 Assessment
Grade Five1 Merit, 2 Pass, 1 Assessment
Grade Six1 High Merit, 1 Merit
Grade Seven1 High Merit, 1 Merit
Intermediate1 Merit, 1 Pass

Summer 2022
Primary3 High Merit, 3 Assessment
Grade One7 Assessment
Grade Two3 Merit
Grade Three1 Pass, 2 Assessment
Grade Four1 Merit, 2 Pass
Grade Seven1 High Merit, 1 Merit
Grade Eight2 Merit
Intermediate1 Pass

Spring 2022
Intermediate2 High Merit, 1 Pass

Winter 2021
Grade One2 Merit, 3 Assessment
Grade Five2 Merit
Grade Six3 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Seven2 Merit
Repertoire Level 2 (Class)2 Merit

Summer 2021 (Video)
Grade One3 Assessment
Grade Three6 Assessment
Grade Four4 Assessment
Grade Six1 Merit

Winter 2020 (Video)
Grade One3 Merit
Grade Two1 Merit, 2 Assessment
Grade Three4 Pass
Grade Four2 Merit
Grade Five3 Merit, 4 Pass
Grade Six3 Merit

Winter 2019
Grade One2 Merit, 2 Assessment
Grade Two4 Merit, 1 Pass
Repertoire Level 2 (Class)1 Distinction, 1 Merit
Repertoire Level 2 (Variation 1)1 Merit

Summer 2019
Primary1 Distinction, 6 Merit
Grade One1 Assessment
Grade Two5 Merit, 2 Assessment
Grade Three2 Merit, 2 Pass, 2 Assessment
Grade Four3 Merit, 1 Assessment
Grade Five3 Merit, 2 Assessment
Grade Six2 Assessment

Winter 2018
Grade One8 Merit, 4 Assessment
Grade Four5 Merit
Grade Eight1 Merit
Intermediate Foundation1 Merit

Summer 2018
Primary1 Distinction, 1 Merit, 2 Assessment
Grade Three2 Merit
Grade Eight1 Distinction

Winter 2017
Grade One6 Merit, 2 Class-Award
Grade Two3 Merit, 4 Assessment

Summer 2017
Primary1 Distinction, 8 Merit, 1 Pass, 1 Assessment
Grade Three1 Merit, 2 Pass, 1 Assessment
Grade Four3 Merit, 2 Assessment
Grade Five1 Merit, 4 Pass
Grade Eight1 Merit, 1 Pass

Winter 2016
Grade One3 Merit, 4 Assessment
Grade Two2 Merit, 2 Pass, 2 Assessment
Grade Three4 Merit, 4 Pass
Grade Seven2 Merit

Summer 2016
Primary4 Distinction, 4 Merit
Grade Seven2 Merit
Grade Eight1 Distinction

Winter 2015
Grade Two4 Merit, 3 Pass
Grade Four1 Merit, 3 Pass
Grade Five1 Merit, 1 Pass

Summer 2015
Primary4 Merit
Grade One1 Distinction, 2 Merit
Grade Two1 Distinction, 2 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Three1 Distinction, 4 Merit, 2 Pass
Grade Six2 Merit
Grade Seven1 Merit

Winter 2014
Grade One4 Merit, 1 Class-Award
Grade Two1 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Six1 Merit
Intermediate1 Merit

Summer 2014
Grade One2 Distinction, 2 Merit
Grade Two1 Distinction, 1 Merit
Grade Five1 Merit
Grade Six1 Distinction, 2 Merit

Winter 2013
Primary1 Distinction, 6 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade One2 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Two5 Merit, 4 Pass
Grade Three4 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Four3 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Six1 Distinction, 1 Merit

Summer 2013
Grade One1 Distinction, 3 Merit
Grade Eight1 Distinction, 3 Merit

Winter 2012
Primary4 Distinction, 3 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Three5 Merit
Grade Four2 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Five2 Merit, 1 Pass

Spring 2012
Grade One14 Merit, 4 Pass
Grade Two8 Merit, 1 Pass

Winter 2011
Primary1 Distinction, 10 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Seven1 Distinction, 1 Merit

Spring 2011
Grade Two6 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Three3 Merit
Grade Four5 Merit
Grade Five3 Merit

Summer 2010
Primary10 Merit, 2 Pass
Grade One8 Merit

Winter 2009
Grade Two1 Distinction, 3 Merit
Grade Three6 Merit
Grade Four4 Merit
Grade Six1 Merit

Summer 2009
Primary1 Distinction, 7 Merit
Grade One8 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Six1 Distinction, 1 Merit

Summer / Winter 2008
Primary1 Distinction, 4 Merit
Grade One7 Merit, 2 Assessment Students
Grade Two6 Merit
Grade Three2 Merit
Grade Four3 Assessment Students
Grade Five4 Assessment Students

Summer 2007
Primary1 Distinction, 3 Merit
Grade One8 Merit, 1 Pass
Grade Two3 Merit

Summer 2006
Primary1 Distinction, 4 Merit
Grade One2 Distinction, 1 Merit
Grade Three1 Merit, 1 Pass

Summer 2005
Primary1 Merit
Grade Two1 Merit, 2 Pass

Grade 1 students in Character Skirts ready for their exam Pre-primary children ready for their exam Primary children ready for their exam
Intermediate Foundation exam
Children ready for their exam Children ready for their exam

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