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Welcome to Dedikated. This school was established in 2004 with the ethos that dance is for everyone, and wishes to promote the educational, social, physical and emotional benefits. Kate believes that dance can be beneficial for everyone.

Kate studied with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) from the age of six and gained high marks throughout the grades, from Pre-Primary to Grade Eight, including Major Grades (now Vocational Grades). Also the now-extinct RAD Dance Education Syllabus Grades 1-3 in Character and Classical dance. To accompany her wide knowledge of classical ballet she has a BSc honours degree in Sports Science and Leisure Management from Brunel University, which gives her an excellent understanding of the body and the way it works.

Kate has been teaching since 1996 and in 2002 gained the RAD Teaching Certificate, which enables her to enter children into RAD examinations. In this period she has had over 100 children entered for exams, all of whom have gained a pass or above. Exam sessions can be up to 3 times a year; at the end of each term. Students from Pre-Primary to Grade 8 and vocational grades Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate have been entered and all have been successful - well done to all!

In addition, Kate has also worked on numerous dance shows establishing a strong knowledge of choreography, costume, lighting, stage management, make-up and occupying children when they are not performing on stage! Kate has continued this at Dedikated, and for it's 2nd Birthday presented the Dedikated Dance Debut. Shows have also been held in 2009 and 2011, and in 2014 Dedikated held its 10th Anniversary show. Kate believes children learn a great deal and have lots of fun while gaining in self confidence, it also gives the audience a chance to see the whole school and what can be achieved.

Step One - Nursery class
Pre-primary children ready for their exam Teddy Bears in a Show

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