16 Jul 2019: Thank you everyone for another great year at dedikatedballetschool@gmail.com thank you for all your support at watching week and may I wish you all a great summer. Exam results will be emailed at the beginning of August and please get your winter exam replies in!

15 Jul 2019: Classes tonight at Queen Emma school.

22 Jun 2019: Thank you everyone for another busy exam day. And special thanks to my side kicks Amie and Natasha for their amazing help last Saturday and today. Please see the notice board for details about next terms classes.

17 Jun 2019: Urgent. Classes tonight in the dining hall.

15 Jun 2019: Thank you everyone for an amazing exam session. Same again next week?

15 Jun 2019: Best of luck to all the lovely dancers taking their exams today. All classes will be in the large hall this morning.

9 Jun 2019: For anyone who has not seen the notice board recently. Please take note of changes to classes on Saturdays and the final Monday of term. Many thanks.