18 May 2019: Thank you so much to the very enthusiastic dancers who performed at the Queen Edith's fete today. I think it was a really lovely afternoon!

18 May 2019: Queen Edith's fair tomorrow. Saturday 18th may. Maypole and senior dancing. Lots of fun from 1pm.

2 May 2019: The DVD had arrived! You can collect yours from class. £15.

25 Apr 2019: Classes begin again on Monday. Some new classes and times. All details can be found on https://www.dedikated.biz

19 Apr 2019: Exam entry for summer exam session is now closed.

18 Apr 2019: Please email your exam replies to me by tomorrow (Good Friday) when entries close. I cannot take any entries after 5pm. Thank you.

30 Mar 2019: Today's the day. Good luck to all the dancers in En Avant. Shows at 1:30pm and 4pm. Collection of children from 5:15pm. See you all there xx