10 Feb 2018: ... And rest. Wishing you all a happy and safe half term. Classes begin again on 19th February. I will have new jumpers and t-shirts too!

2 Feb 2018: Reminder! Classes tomorrow's 3rd February will be at Queen Edith's chapel on Wulfstan Way.

25 Jan 2018: Classes on Saturday 3rd February will be at Queen Edith's chapel.

24 Jan 2018: Congratulations to the little ballerinas, who got their certificates today! All your hard work paying off 😀

3 Jan 2018: Happy new year everyone! Classes start again on Monday 8th January. There are some new times on the timetable this term especially on Thursday evening. Please check the website for full details. I'm still waiting for exam results but the children should start the term in their new classes. I have a very exciting Christmas present to share with you (pictured) and look forward to dancing with you soon. Finally, I will get to my emails when the kids go back to school... Tomorrow! Kate

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